Mapping out influencer content against brand content can help marketers find like-minded influencers

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January 17, 2020, 5:32 PM UTC

Emphasising transparency and authenticity allows brands to build strong influencer relations.

To effectively find influencers whose goals are aligned with the company’s business values, marketers should compare influencer’s content with the brand’s content. Brands can further interview influencers to find genuine influencers who are organically aligned with their marketing campaigns.

Conducting research and assessing influencer’s interest in the product can further help marketers ensure the goal of brand and influencers are the same. The article states that while partnering with influencers, brands should emphasise the importance of having a transparent and authentic relationship.

The author contends that focusing on long-term relationships can help brands build influencer relations based on legitimacy and create trustworthy influencer campaigns. Marketers should seek trackable metrics like conversions for influencer programs rather than only focusing on brand awareness.

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