Luxury brands can leverage AI to improve digital customer experiences

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January 16, 2020, 1:51 PM UTC

Having a hyper-sensitive consumer service team can help marketers acquire online luxury customers.

This piece argues luxury brands can leverage technologies like AI and live chatbots to create a personalised experience online, which is otherwise possible only in physical stores. Quick response and real-time support provided by live chats can encourage consumers to explore luxury brands digitally.

AI can enable brands to reach out to consumers in the “critical moment” of their purchasing journey and motivate their purchases. Creating a hyper-sensitive customer support team along with investing in digital experiences can further help luxury brands retain and acquire customers.

The author contends that brands should prompt consumers with AI-powered chatbots and follow up with experienced customer executives via live chats to understand consumer needs. Engaging proactively with consumers via live chats can further increase conversions.

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