Companies must choose logo typography depending on what suits a brand

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January 08, 2020, 9:34 AM UTC

They must be conscious that the typography isn’t just letters but also supports the brand.

A well designed logo can help a brand boost awareness and improve marketing. The author forecasts logo trends for 2020 and how they can be prepared for. Choosing a font for the logo is very crucial.

Brands must be aware that typography goes beyond just letters, and that the complete look of a logo must support a brand. Companies can render line art logos virtually on any background. Ask for lighter and heavier versions of logos to place on webpages depending on how busy a webpage is.

Use of line art logos can also be “remarkably versatile”. Ultra-chic minimalist logo has trended in the recent past. Brands must explore new ways to “playfully interpret” a minimalist style that can complement their brand.

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