Creating a new sitemap for images can help improve website traffic

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January 06, 2020, 1:10 PM UTC

Businesses can customise image file names with descriptive, keyword-rich titles to optimise SEO.

This piece recommends marketers should optimise and compress images before uploading it on the website to reduce loading time and enhanced search engine rankings. Adding or creating a sitemap for images can enable marketers to index their images on Google and increase website crawlability.

Customising image file names with keyword rich and descriptive titles can alert Google and other search engines to crawl images relevant to the search term. Adding alt tags can further provide useful information about the subject matter of the image to search engines and improve overall SEO.

The author suggests brands should select the right format of images to optimise their webpages and further improve their website’s loading time. Marketers should also make their images mobile friendly for better user engagement and rankings.

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