AR will be on the forefront of marketers’ toolkits due to its ability to deliver unique experiences

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December 24, 2019, 4:18 PM UTC

Brands can create immersive ads with AR and enhance audience engagements.

This piece argues that with the advancements in the technology, augmented reality (AR) will be a standard part of the marketer’s toolkit. Owing to AR’s ability to adopt the native functionality of smart devices like mobile phones, brands can create and deliver uniquely tailored experiences to their prospects.

By allowing users to interact and control digital ads with AR, businesses can provide audiences with fully immersive experiences. Marketers can further create custom-built ads with AR as it can seamlessly blend into the user’s surroundings.

Companies like ASOS and L’Oréal have already employed AR tech to create immersive and interactive ad experiences. The author contends that AR’s ability to virtually place products in the user’s own space can help brands emotionally connect with its consumers.

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