Consumers “expect” personalisation in brand interactions

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December 23, 2019, 11:58 AM GMT+0

Successful personalisation starts with personalising products and services.

A research conducted by Zenith highlights what consumers “like” and “expect” from personalised communications, ecommerce and customer service experiences. Zenith’s Benoit Cacheux says that across three categories (advertising, commerce, and services and customer support) over half the respondents from the UK, US, Germany and China “expect personalisation”.

While this is a more popular view among younger consumers in the UK and Germany, there is almost no difference between age demographics when it comes to personalisation expectations” in China. Cacheux reveals that car and telecom product buyers expect the highest levels of personalisation in advertising at 83% and 81%, respectively.

He advises brands to take “frequency” into account while determining the best time to re-engage with customers. However, the bigger challenge is a cookie-less future, which will limit personalisation efforts to walled gardens.

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