97% of Generation Alpha believe safety of children at school to be extremely important

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December 17, 2019, 11:54 AM UTC

Generation Alpha could grow up to be far more opinionated than millennials.

A study by Hotwire has found that Generation Alpha cares about social issues such as, equality and the environment more than their parents and grandparents’ generation did when they were their age. About 1,000 children between ages seven to nine were surveyed.

For 95% of Gen Alpha, caring for the environment is a top priority. 96% of Gen Alpha want people to be treated fairly regardless of how they look.

The study stated that for 97% of Gen Alpha ensuring children’s safety at school and that everyone has enough food to eat is very important. Millennials (68%) and boomers (56%) believe school safety to be very important. 57% of millennials and only 37% of boomers care about the environment. 

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