Brands can “hook” their audiences by leading the Facebook ad copies with logic statements

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December 13, 2019, 3:09 PM UTC

While addressing customers’ needs and pain points, brands can effectively connect with their consumers through the ads.

This piece suggests marketers should craft Facebook ad copies based on logic statements and social proof to immediately gain consumers’ attention and “hook” them. Ad copies should begin with a logic statement that immediately proves the company’s point or perspective.

This article states that brands can also craft empathic ad copies that speak about their audiences’ sentiments and appeal to their feelings. Marketers should also ensure that their ad copies address their prospects’ pain points.

Once brands have their targeted audiences’ attention, they can make the transition to call to action, by talking about the product and solutions. However, marketers should avoid hyping their ad copies with exaggerated language and create short and simple CTAs.

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