Gen Z values authentic alignment over the visual aesthetics of a brand

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December 12, 2019, 1:15 PM GMT+0

Businesses must live their brand values inside out to showcase brand authenticity.

This article states that Gen Z likes longer content with complex narratives, but their attention is a “scare commodity.” Brands must do content the right way to get GenZ’s attention. With platforms such as Instagram excluding likes, content has become more critical to driving success.

A brand’s values are now far more important than its aesthetics. The audience now judges the brand on offline aspects such as employee actions and business goals. They want to see whether the brand can translate their authenticity on social media platforms.

Gen Z is eager for relatable influencers, who care about the same issues as them. They are using social media platforms to reject perfection and ‘get real’ and look for the same in brands and influencers.

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