Study says internet users are not deceived by native adverts shown online

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December 03, 2019, 10:16 AM UTC

INFORMS studied over 200,000 users and analysed their perceptions towards various formats of paid-search advertising.

The research found that while businesses derive benefits from native advertisements, there is no evidence to suggest that they “deceive” consumers. Users who see a native advert continue with their product search and are more likely to click on the advertiser’s organic listings later and make a purchase.

The researchers further found that consumers often follow a process of conducting their research with due diligence and incorporate the information they receive through native advertising. Researchers also found little evidence to suggest that native advertisement “tricks” internet users into clicking on sponsored content.

Audiences see native adverts as advertisements and, they use the content to evaluate the advertiser. To determine how native advertising is perceived and received by internet users, INFORM studied native advertising at a mobile restaurant-search platform.

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