Moderators must set the tone of a community early on

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December 02, 2019, 10:06 AM UTC

They must serve the community and refrain from policing it.

This article shares tips on moderating online communities, irrespective of the platform. This is important for communities looking to attract advertising revenues, as one built on fellowship would make it a better place to advertise on. It is important to note that Google AdSense may disable ads on pages carrying negative commentary.

The author recommends the moderators to set the tone of the community early on by creating a document that outlines the community. The Terms of Service can expand on the tone of the community.

To create a good experience for members of the community, moderators must ensure the community is fun as advertisers wouldn’t be attracted to communities where racism and foul commentary are tolerated. Further, moderators must remember that their role calls for serving and not policing.

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