Neuromarketing provides brands with insights to map future decision-making

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November 26, 2019, 9:11 AM UTC

Marketers can create hyper-segments by understanding their consumers’ likes, desires, wants and needs.

This article talks about neuromarketing, where Nina Stanley, chief creative and neuromarketing officer at MOD says that this field is a blend of neuroscience and marketing. It enables brands to “explore the human condition, predict the accuracy of marketing initiatives and navigate future decision-making”.

Stanley adds that a “paradox of choice” often leads to consumer paralysis and apathy. Neuromarketing provides an understanding of consumers’ subconscious decision-making process and emotional connections by using a combination of neurobiological, physiological and behavioural data.

Using neuromarketing techniques reveals cross brain correlation and consumer profiles through similarities in their subconscious decision-making process, unbiased reactions and recall. Advertisers can then leverage their commonalities and preferences to create tailored messaging.

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