Value alignment a top consideration for 71% of micro-influencers considering brand partnerships

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November 22, 2019, 6:38 AM UTC

49% of micro-influencers state the chance of a long-term partnership as a big motivator.

This article cites the results of a global study conducted by which found that 99% of micro-influencers work with brands they believe in and that share their values. The study revealed value alignment to be the main consideration for 71% of respondents, followed by monetary compensation for 61% of those surveyed.

For 58% of micro-influencers, a brand offering relevant products and services is an important consideration. Possibility of long-term partnership was a big motivator for 49% of participants.

36% of micro-influencers reported posting content for brands only a few times a year. Further, the practice of buying followers is considered a troubling compliance concern by 85% of respondents.

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