Use social media as a “feeder source” to create private groups on messaging platforms

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November 19, 2019, 2:31 AM UTC

Find engaged followers on social listening platforms and invite them to join these private groups.

The author says that social media marketers operate on “rented land” as social networks focus on growing their own business. He recommends marketers to generate quality leads for more specific targeting, instead of relying completely on social media networks as “likes fail to translate to sales”.

Brands should use social media as a “feeder source” for capturing customer data, and also for creating private groups on messaging platforms like Slack and WhatsApp. They can identify the most engaged followers using social listening platforms.

He advises marketers to use social networks as search engines to find people talking about their brand or industry. He also recommends adding GIFs related to their brand on GIPHY, as it is “a low-risk, high-reward growth hack”.

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