Optimising In-market audiences can help brands reach out to their intended target audience

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November 14, 2019, 3:18 PM UTC

In-market audience leverages data to determine suitability for a specific product or service.

This piece recommends brands should optimise in-market audience to reach their targeted audience effectively, and further enhance search traffic and conversion rates. The in-market feature leverages data from Google’s Display Network, partner sites and YouTube to target people from a specific category.

By selecting “Exclusion” in audiences on Google Ads and adding unrequited categories, brands can exclude specific people from their ads. Reducing and increasing bid adjustments for audiences with high and low conversion costs, respectively, can maximise the visibility of advertisements to targeted audiences.

Marketers should add all the in-market audiences in their campaign to measure the performances of different audience segments. While this method isn’t fool-proof, excluding specific categories can help brands significantly improve the traffic quality of a search campaign.

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