Brands should deliver bold experiences that demonstrate qualities like sustainability and ethics

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November 14, 2019, 3:14 PM UTC

It can create a sense of belonging among consumers and contribute to the purchasing decisions.

This article states by investing in experiences that support sustainability, ethics and human values, retailers can attract consumers who look for brands that they “feel they can belong to”. Organisations can evoke a sense of “belonging” in their consumers by delivering bold experiences that demonstrate qualities like sustainability.

With digital replacing traditional retail experience, creating innovative experiences can help increase footfall to stores. For instance, Reebok’s Le Salle de Sport, a retail store in Paris offers a gym, event hub and a relaxation area alongside the shop.

By creating experiences that can engage consumers on a meaningful level, brands can develop consumer relationships that go beyond transactions. Brands should craft experiences that are innovative and meaningful to attract consumers who seek to belong.

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