88% of Gen Z in the US care deeply about social issues

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November 14, 2019, 2:42 AM UTC

Nine in 10 are tired of how divided the country is on important matters.

With the ever-growing power of the upcoming generation, it’s important that businesses and executives understand what Gen Z care about, their motivations and their expectations from purpose-driven brands. This article cites a study which revealed that recent events have “heightened” their inclination to lead and care.  

The research revealed that 88% of the respondents believe that Gen Z deeply care about social and environmental issues. 85% of respondents are likely to focus on positive progress made.

Over 93% of Gen Z believe that if a brand makes a commitment, it must be supported by relevant policies and programs. 75% of respondents will research to check whether a company is “walking the talk” on the issues its standing up for.

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