Create a buyer persona to better define a brand’s style guide

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November 11, 2019, 5:48 AM UTC

Collaborate with designers to determine a brand’s guidelines for using visual imagery.

This article states that creating a style guide helps to “define, exemplify and execute” a brand’s voice. Along with outlining the language preferences, tones, design elements and writing style, it directs the company’s representatives on how to use the brand style in specific ways for specific outlets.

In order to create a style guide, brands should define their buyer persona to better understand the type of language to be used to communicate with their ideal customers. They should involve team inputs and identify key stakeholders to evaluate and shape the brand’s voice.

Upon completing the style guide, companies should determine its distribution, and explain its use to employees. They should also update their marketing materials, website and other messaging in compliance with the new style guide.

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