Cutting out middlemen from programmatic transactions can improve the bottom line

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November 08, 2019, 11:42 AM UTC

Only 40% of every dollar spent makes its way to the media owners due to middlemen’s involvement.

This piece argues that marketers should cut out middlemen from programmatic transactions to extract more value from their resources, and improve media performance. Involving third parties in a transaction could lead to dilution of ad quality and loss of revenue for both media owners and marketers.

Further, eliminating middlemen can allow marketers to reduce latency, enhance viewability and improve ad engagement. Meanwhile, media owners can reduce their operational costs and improve the bottom line by directly accessing major SSPs without any demand partners.

By avoiding middlemen, brands can reduce fake traffic and build trust in the adverting industry while enhancing end-user experiences. However, not all middlemen are harmful, and by using tools like ads.txt and sellers.json, marketers can choose the right partner.

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