Page speed optimisation can help marketers improve website search rankings

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November 07, 2019, 3:00 PM UTC

Also known as “Time to first byte”, page speed is how long it takes to completely load the content of a specific page on a website.

This piece cites Google saying that page speed has an impact on the website speed and is used as a search ranking factor. Using online tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights, marketers can identify areas to improve site speed.

Removing redundant and inactive plugins from the website can help brands improve their website page speed and simultaneously reduce possible security breaches. Marketers should install plugins only when necessary and should clear cache after removing a plugin.

The author suggests that businesses should also optimise images on their website as heavy and oversized images can cause slow page speed. While image compression can help improve page speed, marketers should also refer to Google’s guidelines for image optimisation for page speed.

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