When partnering with meme accounts, ask for “no in-front” to be able to stand out

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November 06, 2019, 12:13 PM UTC

Having a “seeding plan” enables partnered meme accounts to support the brand.

This article says that the humour and authenticity of meme accounts can benefit brands in the context of influencer marketing as they offer inexpensive partnership. A brand’s content must be funny, relatable and true to the meme account’s feed.

The author states that the average cost-per-engagement for meme accounts could be as low as £0.001, against the industry average of £0.25. To stand out amongst a meme account’s other posts, brands can request account handlers to delay uploading other posts after the brand content goes live, depending on a pre-agreed upon time.

Since memes are more focussed on visual content, marketers needn’t pay attention to “perfectly curated captions.” Companies could also ask meme accounts for “test post rates” to gauge audience reactions.

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