Google’s acquisition of FitBit could help develop customer intimacy

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November 04, 2019, 11:12 AM UTC

The author expects Google to retain the price and simplicity of FitBit, but upgrade its technological capabilities.

This article discusses the changes that Google’s acquisition of FitBit could bring about. Although Google has clarified that it won’t use Fitbit’s health data for advertising purposes, the author opines that integrating FitBit into Google will enable a deeper understanding of customers with the personalised data it offers.

Currently, FitBit is equipped with Amazon’s Alexa. However, the search giant is also likely to integrate Google Assistant, offering users a choice between the two smart assistants.

Werner Goertz, analyst at Gartner says the integration into the overall Android ecosystem will create “additional synergies”, benefitting Google and the end-users. He adds that this move isn’t a “race against Apple’s smart watch”, but a way to develop customer intimacy.

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