When rebranding, communicate the purpose of the change to customers

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November 01, 2019, 9:42 AM UTC

Focus on conveying the business’ value proposition through its name, logo or design.

This article states that since rebranding is an expensive process, companies should cut down on costs and ensure their investment pays off. For this purpose, the author recommends soliciting feedback, but limit seeking it to fewer people.

According to Cassandra Jowett, senior director of marketing at PathFactory, changing the company’s name needn’t be a democratic decision, therefore, not everyone should get a vote. She adds that brands must communicate the need that is prompting a change to their customers through press releases, blogs or emails.

The author recommends not backtracking if the redesign receives negative feedback. Bo Bothe, CEO of BrandExtract, says that if a product is good, the logo will become less relevant.

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