Brands shift budget to Amazon as eCommerce advertising and mobile search spending rise 115%

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November 01, 2019, 5:12 PM UTC

The eCommerce giant earned a profit of $3.6 billion in the third quarter of 2019.

Ecommerce ad spend rose by 115% mainly on the back of Amazon Advertising and Prime Day, according to Marin Software’s Q3 2019 Digital Advertising Benchmark report. The cost per eCommerce click also increased by 10.5% compared to the last quarter.

Amazon’s revenue from advertising – which it reports under its “other” category - saw profits of about $3.6 billion in the third quarter. Overall, retailers spent 40% of their budgets on Shopping ads with the number of click on them increasing by 14% quarter-over-quarter.

Marketers spend on mobile search accounted for 47% of total search spend, while search click volume grew by 14% year-over-year. Most of the increased spend on search was due to the efforts of marketers to reach Generation Z.

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