Twitter to ban all political ads to avoid the risk of spreading misinformation

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October 31, 2019, 11:25 AM UTC

According to Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, the decision to follow a political account or to retweet from such an account should not be “compromised by money”.

Twitter recently announced it will ban all political ads on its platform to distance itself from concerns around misinformation. Dorsey opines that a political message’s reach should be earned and not bought.

He added that internet political ads presented “new challenges to civic discourse”, such as machine learning-based message optimisation and micro-targeting, misleading information and deep fakes. The article states that Dorsey’s stance contradicts Mark Zuckerberg’s who propagates the role of social media in enabling free speech.

Twitter will make a few exceptions for ads in support of voter registration. The new policy will come into effect on 11 November.

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