Optimising mobile apps for user experience can help marketers retain consumers

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October 30, 2019, 4:47 PM UTC

Having a mobile app can help brands grow their business and enhance their bottom line.

This article notes that with people spending most of their time on smartphones, a mobile app can help brands grow their business and revenue. Brands can use tools like AppFollow to monitor the ratings and reviews of their mobile app and optimise the app for better consumer retention.

Using similar tools can help brands glean useful competitor insights and discover trends and help make their app more efficient. Identifying niche audiences and further markets that are aligned with their offerings can help marketers grow their existing user base.

The author contends that focusing on promoting an app on its launch allows brands to market and monetise their app effectively. Leveraging search ads, which are optimised by keywords and data, can also help push the app to the consumers.

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