Businesses must consistently apply empathy across stages of their marketing process

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October 29, 2019, 3:42 AM UTC

Being empathetic inspires creativity, builds consumer trust and makes brands customer-centric.

This article argues that the digital ecosystem of marketers, agencies and media must “re-find” their empathy and apply it proactively. The author cites a study indicating that empathy inspires creativity, as designers produce more unique and effective products when they focus on imagining potential customers using them.

He states that businesses can build trust by perceiving their customers’ needs as their own and meeting them effectively. Further, empathy can ensure customer-centricity by enabling marketers to understand and respond to the shifting customer needs in real-time.

Marketers must apply “emotionally empathetic filters” to existing methods of data collection and interpretation. Using cognitive empathy, they should visualise and bridge the gap between customers’ feelings and the company’s perceptions of meeting their needs.

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