CTAs at the end of an article are likely to generate more engagement

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October 28, 2019, 10:59 AM UTC

Nielsen and Taboola’s recent study aims to discover “Moments of Next” as the most opportune time to engage consumers.

According to the report, the cognitive load on consumers is 8% lower at the end of an article, thereby increasing their attention span. The study which observed people’s attentiveness and emotional responses found that consumers are more likely to engage with CTAs appearing at the end of an article.

Brands should serve ads and CTAs to consumers in such “Moments of Next”. The study found that such a moment occurs between 20 to 30 seconds of active content engagement.

Videos in infinite feed also generate 25% greater attentiveness than pre-roll YouTube ads. Additionally, the report discovered that participants were most open-minded after reading an article.

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