B2B ads are highly targeted but are more likely to end up on irrelevant websites

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October 24, 2019, 9:32 AM UTC

Scaling audiences can help B2B brands place their advertisements on safer sites with more engaged buyers.

This article notes that B2B ads are more prone to be placed on “shadier” websites due to their highly targeted campaigns. Adtech vendors are likely to place B2B ads on as many sites as possible, to increase impressions.

To avoid the placement of B2B ads on unfavourable sites, marketers should try scaling up their audiences for more opportunities. This article says that brands should not rely on ad placement techniques that are based on match rates and declared data.

Brands can also use whitelists to seek safer environments for their ads that have more engaged buyers. The author contends that B2B marketers can also opt for third-party protection, with pre-bid blocking and post-bid measurements for brand safety.

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