Study says survey respondents are less likely to finish a survey on a mobile device

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October 22, 2019, 1:21 PM UTC

Poor mobile UX and lack of mobile optimisation continue to negatively impact surveys.

This piece states that the number of surveys undertaken and completed from a mobile device has increased by 10 points over the past year. However, a respondent is more likely to abandon a mobile survey because of its poor user interface and below standard optimisation, in comparison to a desktop survey.

This piece also highlights that 20-25% of surveys did not permit phones at all. In terms of improving usability, mobile surveys should have bigger functional objects and buttons to make surveys easier to use with fewer images and words.

The report found that females tended consistently to use mobile devices at a higher rate than men. But there was a 6% hike among males’ use of mobile devices for surveys, as compared to a 4.8% increase among females.

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