Businesses should consider their online presence before employing a social listening tool

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October 15, 2019, 4:29 PM UTC

Listening tools do not necessarily provide much value to smaller businesses.

Before engaging in social listening activities, brands should evaluate if their online presence is significant enough to glean a meaningful takeaway from social platforms. The author argues that social listening is essential for big brands, but it could be less meaningful or “fruitless” for smaller businesses to invest in listening tools.

For smaller businesses, social listening platforms have a limited role and provide small amounts of contextual conversations that brands can use. Social listening tools could yield futile metrics but marketers should understand customer expectations and brand’s operational area before implementing any new strategy.

The piece contends that small businesses should enter private groups on social platforms to learn more about their customers. These groups do not appear on social listening tools but can provide brands with a better perspective on their online presence.

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