Agencies will need data engineers and scientists to run activations on digitally-enabled mediums

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October 15, 2019, 1:06 AM UTC

Connecting data, discovering insights and driving business outcomes serve as opportunities and challenges for marketers.

According to Gurman Hundal, CEO of MiQ, data is both an opportunity and a challenge for marketers. He states that there is an overload of data which needs to be connected to get a full picture of the business, the market and competitors.

Hundal further states that data science expertise is required to extract insights and intelligence from the volume, variety and different structures of data. Marketers must ensure that intelligence is actionable and used in all communication channels in and around real-time.

He says that data is “at the front and centre of strategic moves” made by agencies. While agencies will continue needing creative and strategic people, they will also need data engineers and data scientists for activation and execution.

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