Neuroscience researchers should clear “conceptual confusions” in the industry with proper definition

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October 14, 2019, 1:39 AM UTC

Adopt a “rigorous” way to ensure the validity of neurometric approaches and measures.

This article cites a paper from the Journal of Advertising, which states that neuroscience researchers must apply better levels of thoroughness to their work for the discipline to achieve its maximum potential in marketing. According to Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, CEO and founder at Neurons, Inc., there is a “fragmentation” of academic research, dearth of validation metrics and frequent “overpromising and underdelivering” in the industry.

For this purpose, he recommends distinguishing “basic”, “translational” and “applied” research. He also proposes that researchers clear the “conceptual confusion” in the field through a “nomenclature of consumer science and neuromarketing” and definitions that the industry makes and follows.

Independent research is suggested to be as a “gold standard” step. Also, by using their “organisation leverage”, industry bodies can drive progress.

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