Retail marketers should unify customer data to offer a seamless and personalised experience

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October 11, 2019, 3:16 PM UTC

More than half of consumers said they have stopped purchasing from a brand because a competitor provided a better experience.

This piece argues that retail marketers should have a unified approach towards understanding their customers and audience engagement and analytics. It will help them meet consumers’ expectation for personalised, convenient and trustworthy experiences.

By leveraging AI and connecting a variety of channels and data sources, retail marketers can offer personalised one-to-one experiences at scale. But less than half of marketers feel that they have a unified view of customer data and less than one-third are satisfied with their capability to deploy it to create relevant experiences.

Traditional retailers should adopt a unified approach to offer a seamless experience across both online and offline channels. But businesses should also communicate with their customers about how their data is used.

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