Product placements can help brands reach out to consumers on streaming platforms

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October 11, 2019, 9:31 AM UTC

47% of UK households have streaming services like Netflix, NowTV and Amazon Prime Video.

To effectively capture the audience’s attention on streaming platforms such as Netflix, which are usually ad-free, brands should create product placement campaigns on these platforms. Product placement campaigns provide brands with the opportunity to increase brand awareness and decrease ad production costs.

This piece says that brand integration with OTT shows further allows brands to promote their product extensively, till the end of the season. Additionally, it will enable producers and streaming platforms to promote their show across all the marketing channels with the affiliated brand.

The author contends that owing to the “subtle nature” of product placements, measurement of metrics could prove to be complicated. Creating cross-promotional marketing strategies can help brands effectively measure metrics such as impressions and viewership of their product placement campaigns.

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