Having buyer-centric content on LinkedIn allows brands to approach their target buyers effectively

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October 11, 2019, 3:48 PM UTC

Marketers should optimise their LinkedIn profiles to provide solutions that address problems in the buyer’s journey.

Sharing engaging content on LinkedIn that addresses consumer pain points can help brands build trust and credibility among their prospects. Optimising buyer-centric content on LinkedIn allows marketers to resolve buyer problems and create long term relationships.

LinkedIn profiles that address the buyers journey in the headlines and the About section and the Current Experience section further allows brands to connect with potential consumers. Creating content like videos, blogs and whitepapers can help marketers appear well-informed to prospective buyers.

The author contends that brands can network with other sellers on LinkedIn by helping them optimise their profiles with buyer-centric messages and build quality leads. Emphasising on building a personal brand for buyers can help marketers influence their purchasing decision.

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