Employing blockchain technology can help brands improve their ad-spend

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October 11, 2019, 5:30 PM UTC

But it could also radically affect companies which rely on consumer data for their marketing campaigns.

Blockchain technology which allows transactions to take place without any third-party verification has the potential to change the advertising industry. By implementing blockchain, brands can significantly reduce their ad spend, as the tech creates a verified chain of ad dollars to the end-user.

This piece says that blockchain can have a significant impact on the companies which operate on consumer data as the technology removes the ability to retrieve consumer data without paying for it. The Blockstack tech used by blockchain has further safeguards that stop companies from storing consumer data.

Blockchain also enhances transparency as it lets consumers verify product manufacturing location. The author contends while blockchain could change digital marketing in disruptive ways, it could benefit brands if it is executed correctly.

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