Publishers should focus more on paid marketing strategies to improve subscription base

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October 10, 2019, 12:51 PM UTC

Paid promotions allow publishers to reach out to readers beyond newsletter subscribers.

This piece argues that publishers should invest more on paid marketing strategies to improve subscriber count and reduce their reliance on ad revenues. Publishers can spend on direct-response ads as well as paid promotion of articles on Google and Facebook to reach out to more readers.

The approach is already popular with publishers, with ad spend on Facebook distribution channels growing by 150% from last year. Publishers are also already investing in numerous social channels, including Snapchat and Instagram, to expand their reach beyond Google and Facebook.

Major publishers are hiring digital ad buyers and growth marketers to focus more on subscriber growth and less on marketing and advertising. The author contends that while margins on paid channels are lower than that of organic options, but it can expand their subscriber base.

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