People demand and prefer more choice when choosing a “hedonistic” product

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September 24, 2019, 11:08 AM UTC

A recent study explores the evolution of choices since the “jam study” from 2000.

This article states that the notion of consumers being paralysed by an excess of choices is “too simplistic”, as this overload could occur at different points depending on the type of product or service. A study cited in the article observes that people demand and prefer more choice when it comes to “hedonistic” products in comparison to “utilitarian” products.

The purchase of utilitarian products (such as detergents and milk) does not generate much emotional response. Contrarily, hedonistic products comprise luxury items such as perfumes and jewellery and elicit emotional responses and pleasure.

While purchasing utilitarian items, there is greater reliance on objective data like reviews and recommendations. These purchases are also open to “satisficing” where people choose an option that is “good enough”.

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