Marketers should keep their blogs conversational to enhance engagement

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September 24, 2019, 2:08 PM UTC

But they should avoid oversharing content that is irrelevant to the brand’s target audience.

This piece recommends marketers should draw inspiration from the Kardashians to enhance their personal brand, promote their organisation as well as evolve with their audience. It can help brands build a relationship with their audiences while providing valuable and engaging content.

Marketers should try and maintain their tone of conversation while being unfiltered to earn the reputation of being an authentic content source. Companies should highlight and build their blog around their USP. This approach can help them prove themselves as a unique source of information for their target audience.

The author suggests that organisations should focus on topics that are likely to appeal to a broad base of their readers. But, they should stick to the issues that are relevant to the brand and its audience.

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