Ecommerce marketers can use holiday season-specific testimonials to drive sales

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September 24, 2019, 2:05 PM UTC

Buyers are increasingly relying on customer testimonials for product recommendations and quality assurance.

This piece recommends that marketers should find customer testimonials that are relevant to a season and add those to their product pages. Brands can highlight old customer reviews on season-specific products before or during a festive season sale.

These testimonials should mention how a season-specific product has improved customers’ experience during that season. Brands can also enhance the engagement rates of the website by designing a fun game or competition around a seasonal event.

The author suggests that marketers can add a popup with a countdown timer indicating the start of the sale to effectively promote upcoming seasonal sales. Ecommerce websites can create separate product pages showing only products relevant to the season, or promote events to increase sales during the holiday season.

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