B2B brands should enable cross-team collaboration for improved customer support

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September 20, 2019, 2:41 PM UTC

Support teams face complex issues from several internal stakeholders that require assistance from specialised teams.

This piece argues that B2B customer support teams should collaborate with other teams, including product management, account management, and product creation and development. This would enable brands to provide the right solution to their consumers, while also help gather relevant data for improving the customer experience of upcoming products.

Cross-team collaboration would also help professionals be aware of customer expectations before making a “check-in” call with them. Brands can create a unified customer database with minimal effort and reduce duplication systems by leveraging technology to break down data siloes and encouraging cross-team collaboration.

The author contends that managing customer issues as a unified team would empower the support team to make better decisions. It will also improve customer confidence in the brand.

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