GDPR’s emphasis on user consent has been beneficial for brands as well as customers

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September 16, 2019, 1:48 PM UTC

Despite challenges in its first year, GDPR has increased trust and consumer control.

This piece argues that the clarity around consent has made it easier for customers to opt-in and out of services. The regulations have also made it easier for brands to show their commitment towards compliance and privacy and protection of data.

When a customer opts-in, brands are allowed to use their data to personalise experiences, resulting in reduced friction in the customer journey and enhanced customer experience. The author contends that GDPR is not only building trust and keeping services and products secure; it is also giving more control to consumers over their data.

With brands becoming more transparent about consumer data, businesses are able to deliver a streamlined customer experience. The regulations can also improve operations, marketing and return on investment for certain technologies in the long run.

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