Marketers should create content based on target audiences’ searches

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September 10, 2019, 11:04 AM UTC

While meeting tight deadlines, content creators should also ensure that the content is clear, simple, factually correct and error-free.

This piece recommends marketers should identify the primary subject areas which their target audience actively search to look for information. Crafting content based on those topics can help brands provide useful answers to the relevant questions of their visitors, while also securing higher ranking in search results.

The author suggests marketers can conduct keyword research or use other techniques like “topic modelling” in the content ideation process. It will help them get a deeper understanding of the challenges that their content should help readers resolve.

However, content creators should carefully evaluate the format and types of content before deciding on the right option based on their website and target audience. Marketers should also avoid low-quality content by fact-checking and proofreading each content piece.

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