Marketers should provide customers with seamless omnichannel experiences

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September 06, 2019, 2:07 AM UTC

This is instead of continually trying out new channels and giving up on them.

This article suggests ways to overcome some common marketing mistakes. With several data-gathering and analytics tools being available, marketers are backed by hard facts while making decisions. Hence, they must avoid relying completely on intuition or hearsay when they can be as informed as possible.

Marketers must not follow a herd mentality as it may lead to an “unmerited hubris”. Marketers often get distracted with trying new channels but give up on them if they don’t show instant results. Instead, they should focus on providing omnichannel experiences to customers.

Applying the Kaizen approach, continuous improvement made through consistent and incremental changes, can lead to successful marketing. Brands must concentrate on retention marketing as the probability of selling to existing customers is higher than acquiring new ones.

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