Cross-channel data can improve customer profiling for personalised behavioural targeting

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September 05, 2019, 2:56 PM UTC

Brands can drive revenue as well as enhance customer experience through behavioural targeting. 

This piece states that segmenting customers based on demographical data is essential. But leveraging personal behavioural data like browsing -history, abandoned and past purchases can give better insights about consumer interests and preferences.

Brands need to use behavioural targeting to make marketing messages more relevant to consumers. The author recommends marketers should leverage cross-channel data to engage with shoppers at the right time and increase the chances of conversion.

Brands should be able to build a holistic view of individual shoppers with the data collected from multiple channels and devices. Marketers should update their web and email content factoring in recent shopper behaviour along with the brand’s latest offers and external factors like location and weather.

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