A brand’s newsletter content must be informational rather than promotional to drive engagement

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August 29, 2019, 7:12 AM UTC

The content’s tone must be guided by who the intended audience is.

This piece points out that while newsletters have been around for a long time, the older newsletters typically were “over-designed informational papers” and a collection of fonts. This author makes suggestions on crafting newsletter content that drives engagement and keeps customers in the sales funnel.

To avoid making a strong sales pitch through a newsletter, its content must be informative rather than promotional. Businesses must identify the intended audience and customise newsletter content accordingly. The content’s tone will depend on whether its recipient is a prospect, past client or a current one.

Newsletters must be designed to move customers towards a distinct and actionable call-to-action. The author also recommends crafting the subject line as a “hook” by including a question, confession or some tips.

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