Authentic product reviews in niche blogs can help in building brand trust

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August 23, 2019, 10:25 AM UTC

Consumers should get regular product updates without being spammed.

This piece says brands can leverage reviews in topical, niche blogs to establish brand credibility and make them more recognisable. Despite their limited reach, such bloggers tend to have a more targeted and dedicated readership.

Brands can collaborate with YouTubers or vloggers to produce creative reviews in a video format. This not only generates interest around the product but can also be pitched to journalists to grab their attention. Another good PR strategy is to gain mentions from smaller publications so that larger outlets are more motivated to cover the brand.

The piece emphasises consistent and interesting social media presence for the e-commerce brand to circulate any news surrounding the brand. Interacting with the customers on social media can build consumer trust in the business and strengthen its consumer-base.

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