Facebook and Google analytics allows brands to attribute conversions across channels

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August 21, 2019, 12:58 PM UTC

Brands can glean insights from their marketing funnel through Facebook and Google analytics.

Marketers can better understand their consumer journey and get insights into their conversion pathway from Facebook and Google analytics. This article says that with the help of Facebook’s attribution tool marketers can credit a conversion to a touchpoint.

Using Facebook’s analytics and attribution reports, brands can further understand cross-device behaviour of consumer conversions, track social engagements and analyse revenue-generating ads. Facebook analytics can also help brands understand their consumer spend in each stage of their sales funnel and identify the most valuable customers.

Marketers can also use Google Analytics to measure their website metrics, like time on site and website conversion rates. The first-interaction attribution model on Google analytics further allows brands to understand how different traffic sources affect their purchase value.

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