Marketers can use customer journey mapping to turn insights into action

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August 13, 2019, 2:13 AM UTC

Learnings from mapping can be used to deliver personalisation as well.

Customer journey mapping is a tool which gives a visual understanding of the interactions a user has had with a business. With consumers using a variety of devices and channels, the path to purchase is no longer linear. In such a scenario, mapping customer journeys becomes essential.

An Econsultancy report references that marketers can leverage insights gained through this technique to deliver personalisation and ultimately guide a user’s decision-making. Users can be guided by providing them the right information at the right time. The tool also exposes the gaps between the experiences customers want and what they actually get.

Additionally, the report found that 43% of respondents used insights from mapping to enhance their customer journey and also to improve their product or service. This technique can then help accomplish wider strategic goals.

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